Yanco Institute

 Yanco Agricultural Institute is the NSW Government Research centre for Rice Growing, Vegetable Growing, Wine making and Beef Cattle production in the Riverina area of Australia.


½ , 1 and 3 Day courses which are Interpreted into Mandarin and Japanese are available featuring Ricecheck, a 9-point-system developed by the NSW Department of Agriculture,  Australia, using this program has lifted rice producers  yields by 30% to 35% over the last 20 years making them the highest in the world. It has also lowered the use of water per tonne of rice produced dramatically.


This program would be extremely beneficial to any Asian rice producing country employing this program. accommodation and Meals, both Motel, and Student accommodation is available.

 Many large and intensive livestock properties are home to dairy and beef cattle, Friesian, Hereford,Murray Grey, Angus  Japanese “Wagyu”breed. Technical visits to a variety of properties can be organized.


The Riverina has grown into the largest wine grape producing region in Australia. Almost 300,000tonnes of grapes are harvested annually which represents around 65% of NewSouth Wales’ total production.


Yanco AgriculturalInstitute offer a complete agricultural experience, involving high quality programs, lectures by Technical Specialists, and educational  field trips, transportation, accommodation and good meals arranged by Australian Agricultural Tours

 See the Ricecheck video above for a comprehensive program at yanco which has improved Australia's Rice yeilds

by 30 to 35% over the last 10 years, we can arrange for courses at Yanco to teach visiting groups this technighue

Link To Yanco Insitute   www.mrsc.nsw.edu.au

All lectures at the (Murrumbidgee Rural StudiesCenter)

See www.mrsc.nsw.edu.au





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